About Us

IMG_9489We are Ben Jarvis and Phoebe Gallagher-Reedman from Auckland, New Zealand.

We left Auckland in January 2013 and have since spent mIMG_6897ost of our time travelling Australia in our 1985 Nissan Urvan Campervan.

The Plan

Our aim is to travel from Australia to London with minimal use of air travel, crossing land borders and taking the path less trodden. As a team we will document our travels, the countries, cultures and individuals we meet along the way through the use of photography, film and the good old written word.

One reason for not using air travel is the importance of being environmentally responsible and to raise awareness for climate friendly life choices.

Another reason is to allow ourselves to be fully immersed in the journey, and discover the realities of life off the tourist track. To us, there is so much more to travel than luxurious hotels and beaches. We want to find out what makes each culture so different, and what aspects of life are ubiquitous throughout the world.

This website has been constructed as a bulletin board for our trip, for Ben and I to post photos, news and progress reports with the hope that you, our audience, might indulge in a little escapism with us.

The Route –

Since beginning our journey on January 17th 2013, we have driven the coast of Australia in our beloved Nissan Urvan camper van, from Noosa on the Sunshine Coast south along the East Coast of Australia, to Melbourne, then west across the Nullarbor Plains to Western Australia. After a year of working, we have now saved the funds required to continue our travels.

From Australia we will sail to Indonesia and through Indonesia to Singapore. From our arrival on mainland South East Asia, we will travel overland by bus, tuk tuk, train or any other means available through to China. We hope to take a detour through Nepal en route to Western China, crossing the border into Kazakstan, through Central Asia and across the Caspian sea from Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan to Baku, Azerbaijan. Then through Georgia and into Turkey, around the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and across the English Channel to London. See below for a more structured itinerary.

A tentative timeline has been constructed as follows;

Winter 2015: West Coast WA; Perth to Darwin (Winter/Dry Season)
Spring/Summer (southern hemisphere) 2015: Find passage to Indo ex. Darwin
December onward: Indonesia (Change of season Wet to Dry)
2016: Singapore to Thailand / Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos / China, Nepal, to Western China border crossing (Season becoming warmer/Spring)
Late summer (northern hemisphere) 2016:
Kazakstan to Turkmenistan, across Caspian Sea (Turkmenbashi to Baku, Azerbaijan), through Azerbaijan, Georgia and into Turkey. (Transit Central Asia through Summer for efficient travel with short/transit visas. Border crossings not possible/more difficult during late Autumn/Winter due to snow, regardless of the impracticalities of carrying winter clothing)
Turkey and onward into Continental Europe – before winter sets in.
Once in Europe our timeline/travel plans will be decided by funds, whether we fell we need to start working again, or need a bit of time to mellow out and sit still for a while. Options are too numerous to speculate as to potential movements at this point in time.
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– Phoebe Reedman and Ben Jarvis


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