Springtime in Newport Lakes

IMG_8953Spring is finally here and every day on my walk to work I am enraptured by the blossoms all around me. Yesterday Ben and I went for a walk through Newport Lakes in the afternoon sun and I was finally carrying my camera to take some snaps. Tucked in and hidden away two doors down from our apartment, we can see the trees from the deck but had never ventured to find them. The afternoon light was beautiful, casting dappled shadows through the trees as we were chased by mosquitos, who made sure we didn’t linger too long and Ben didn’t get too bored waiting, with me snapping away using him as a model.

– Phoebe

IMG_8948 IMG_8955 IMG_8974

IMG_9015 IMG_9001IMG_9009 IMG_9025 IMG_9029IMG_9046IMG_9038IMG_9039


IMG_9189 IMG_9161 IMG_9179IMG_9058

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