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The Grand Fail of 2015

Some sad news – 2015 has come to an end and after a year of many setbacks, Ben and I were left with little choice but to completely reevaluate our plans and may see our long term plans delayed until 2017. This was a tough decision but please be reassured that we are looking forward […]


MONA – Museum of Old and New Art

“I would recommend anyone to fly from anywhere around the world just to come to MONA for at least one day.” – Ben Jarvis, exceedingly excited having just seen the ‘poo machine’ fedĀ and poo within three hours of each other. We had allocated an entire day to MONA, the first day after arriving in Tasmania […]


West Coast Wilderness of Tasmania

For the past three weeks Ben and I have been in perpetual motion as we packed up our short lived lives in Melbourne amid Spring Racing Carnival celebrations, and headed to the rugged land to the south dubbed ‘Tassie’ by those in the know. I sincerely apologise for the lapse in communication since our departure, […]


Scotts head and Trial bay

This post continues from the previous post covering the stretch of road between Sawtell and Nambucca Heads. While in Nambucca the weather had deteriorated to torrential rain and stormy seas that left the low lying areas and waterways flooded by daybreak, worsening as the down pour continued into the next day. We had managed to […]


Sawtell and Nambucca Heads

The following is a little story about the bad weather that surrounds the days that we journeyed through Sawtell and Nambucca Heads. These photos were taken in the one morning of clear skies from the lookout at Sawtell just south of Coffs Harbour, with the exception of the last three that were taken at various […]