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Shanghai Wild Animal Park

The Shanghai Wild Animal Park is home to over 10,000 animals across 200 rare and representative species, housed on 153 acres of land 40km from the centre of Shanghai. It is the first National grade zoo in China and is classified as a theme park. Domestic animals include panda, golden monkey, golden takin and toki […]

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Road Trip to Darwin, Northern Territory

The Northern Territory is the outback state of Australia. Its¬†border marked the start of the 130km/h zone and serious croc country, the end of decent cell phone service and the beginning of a marked increase in biodiversity. Western Australia is littered with cattle stations and mines of all shapes and sizes, long, barren, fairly boring […]

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Coral Bay Eco Tours

The seaside town of Coral Bay, 150km south of Exmouth, is the gateway to the Ningaloo Reef and home to manta ray, whale sharks, dugongs and multiple species of dolphin and turtles as well as hundreds of species of tropical fish and coral. The many species call the Ningaloo Reef home during particular seasons, for […]

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The Great Ocean Road

This post features images of the iconic 12 Apostles and tourist attractions found along The Great Ocean Road between Apollo Bay and the Victoria-South Australia border including some of the towns of Port Fairy and Portland. For images of the Great Ocean Road from Torquay to Apollo Bay, see our previous post highlighting the amazing […]


West Coast Wilderness of Tasmania

For the past three weeks Ben and I have been in perpetual motion as we packed up our short lived lives in Melbourne amid Spring Racing Carnival celebrations, and headed to the rugged land to the south dubbed ‘Tassie’ by those in the know. I sincerely apologise for the lapse in communication since our departure, […]


Australia Zoo

Located just north of Brisbane, Australia Zoo is a tourist destination and wildlife hospital dedicated to improving awareness of conservation efforts around the world, and the need for ongoing support from every one of us. We had heard that it was a must-see, and now whole-heartedly second the recommendation. The park itself was started by […]